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LAC control systems are future oriented solutions and adaptable in all applications, irrespective of the regulation form. Our customers’ competitive advantages lie in appliance of superior technology that constantly keeps them in command and on the forefront of evolution. Control systems that LAC offer’s is

“WC 100 - Internet Enabled Control Systems”

WC 100 - Concept

The WC 100 controller has been specially designed to control wind turbines of stall type. The WC 100 controller ensures optimal operation, active security and advanced data collection. The product line includes a comprehensive range of wind controller designed to operate in environs ranging from mountains, to sea costs and arid deserts and freezing plains.

The compact design of the WC 100 controller makes it noise immune and perfect for building-in with other components. Easily expandable with different extension interfaces. The design is user-friendly, easy mounting and servicing is therefore very easy.

The WC 100 system is the 1st generation of LAC control systems for wind turbines generators.
The WC 100 system harvests all the experiences from wind turbine controllers plus incorporates with new unseen functionality & technology. This makes it the most cost effective without compromising the quality and up-to-date system at present day.

The most explicit features are:

  • Plug and play configuration
  • Intelligent programmable modules
  • Event based communication via SMS
  • Complete remote control (On Request)
  • Online/ Offline Data transmission & view
  • Auto Report Generation (Daily) via e-mail
  • Open system structure
  • Real time multitasking
  • Flexible distributed design - both hardware and software
  • No additional hardware & software installation required
  • Economical in cost & high efficiency

As always with LAC systems products we offer you a high quality product with marked acceptance, extensive service/support and a solution for present and future needs.

In time new trusted technologies have arisen, enabling systems to be divided into more modules connected with digital bus systems for peripheral devices.

The WC 100 offers this higher degree of modulization both in hardware as well as in software. This enables it to suit more needs with standard components.

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