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HARDWARE - (Concept of Wind Controller 100)

The WC 100 controller has been specially designed to control wind turbines - stall type.
WC 100 has been developed using active and passive components with reduced tolerance
The WC 100 system is a highly modulized-Control system with I/O modules called
WC-Line modules.

For more details contact: techsupport@lacspl.in

SOFTWARE (Concept of Internet Enabled Control System)

LAC application software has been developed with more complex program setup on the basis of MSU.
Software package has an in-built internet enabled configuration (Online/Offline data transmission) with event based SMS and auto report generation (daily) via e-mail.
Software has been tested very carefully at different environment.

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For more details contact: techsupport@lacspl.in


The possibilities of different kinds of system configurations are innumerable. Please contact LAC Systems sales department and specify your configuration needs for further clarification & enquiry. sales@lacspl.in



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