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LAC SYSTEMS PRIVATE LIMITED was incorporated in October 2006. The company is headed by Mr.D.KIRUPAKARAN who is well known in Wind Turbine Industry. He had worked with M/s. Devices and Systems and M/s. Das Lagerwey Wind turbines Limited for a number of years and can attend to problems with ease, due to his vast experience in making controllers and trouble shooting/servicing WTG of various makes.

The company has a team of persons, highly skilled and trained in the WTG industry. The company has its own test facilities so that the components bought are tested and used. So that they give correct results in supply/service. The present strength of the company is 10.

We also develop necessary software for Centralized Monitoring Control Systems for WTG, at our Research & Development Lab. We also provide Annual Maintenance Services for WTG Control Systems and service at all wind farms with any type of WTG at an economical charge.

In close co-operation with our customers we often undertake market and product analysis, which are the basis for further development of our products to suit the needs of the customers.


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