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Service @ LAC- Performance Optimizing Partnership

Service at LAC doesn't end with providing smooth machine operation. Our understanding of service is to help our customers optimize and improve the operational reliability and efficiency of the wind turbines controllers over their entire lifetime. LAC offers a comprehensive range of value-added services and solutions.

LAC ensures permanent energy yield optimization in accordance to the onsite climate and grid conditions. The detailed monitoring of several wind turbine parameters, formidable technology expertise, plus a comprehensive range of advanced control systems, enable LAC to provide the most effective and integrated level of service. Combined synergy of our business units and customer support network deliver benefits to our customers.

LAC provides round-the-clock Operation and Maintenance support, assisted by a team of experienced engineers and equipped with critical equipment and spare parts. They will ensure that the Controllers installed are well taken care of minimizing downtime and maximizing machine availability and return on Investment.

The essential interface between design, engineering, manufacturing, service and our knowledge process makes LAC the best partner to implement demanding projects or to upgrade existing operations.

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